The Ineffable – VER #3

“The revelation was unquestionable, just as in a thousand other instances the epiphany of the god was felt with absolute certainty. You have a sense of contact with him, and are aware of his arrival in a state of mind intermediate between sleep and waking…How can anyone really describe this experience in words? If one belongs to the initiated, he will know about it and recognise it.” (Aristides in Grey, 2013, P. 29)

“The truly ‘mysterious’ object is beyond our apprehension and comprehension, not only because our knowledge has certain irremovable limits, but because in it we come upon something inherently ‘wholly other,’ whose kind and character are incommensurable with our own, and before which we therefore recoil in a wonder that strikes us chill and numb” (Otto in Twiss, 1992, P. 83)