Art. Ritual and other

What things do you use in your rituals and religious rites?

What objects and/or paraphernalia do you use in a ritual setting? Art; a stick; a statue; a bone?

As above, so below – Walpurgis Nacht Fire/s (2023)

Walpurgis Nacht 2023

Pentacle of Jupiter (Savedow, 2022, p. 64)
Carved Mandrake/Walnut – Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, England, 2017
Samhain 2021
Samhain 2021
Cars, and a dog skittering in the background, 2021
Fortune. Petersen 2014
Gods – Petersen – 2004
Pitt RIver Museum, 2019
Gundestrup Cauldron, National Museum of Denmark, 2017
Witch Bottle, Pitt River Museum, 2019